The blouse !

You didn't think I would post a picture of myself modeling it right?
If the simple "a" caused drama, imagine a picture of a fluffy girl wearing a hippie looking blouse? Shoot.. fuhgetaboutit!

So I used Simplicity pattern 2931, not sure when it was purchased, may have been in 2011 or maybe even 2010.. or 2009. And right off the bat, I should have noticed that the model, with the pipe cleaner-esque legs on pattern cover, seemed to have a not so flowy ( or loose and comfy ) top, as the illustrations on the front and back of pattern gave the illusion of... but what the hell right, its only pretty Japanese import, designer fabric !

I am so out of practice with my gathers!

I had a hard time deciding on which fabric to use for the sleeves, but in the end I am happy with this one. What I would do next time, is maybe add elastic to the bottom cuff. I love 3/4 sleeve tops, but this feels a bit funny to me.

Instead of using the same fabric print all around, I used the record print at the bottom, as well as the top part of the top. This fabric is really great clothing weight.

I did the decorative stitching along the shoulder straps. I don't think it adds anything to the overall design. Would probably not do it again.

You see how the top band of blouse is sort of open? Well, it it not just on my size zero mannequin. It also does it on me. I have to bring in the top band a bit, at least 1/2" actually.

 Belted, it looks pretty nice. If I was the size of a oompa-loompa, this blouse would have the possibility of being a fabulous dress! For now, this is going to be a for home blouse only.

Overall verdict: I would use this pattern again, however the top part of the blouse on me is big, the bottom half is a bit too snug, no decorative stitching on the shoulder and I think adding elastic to the cuff of the sleeves would be a cute, casual touch.

OK, OK...

Here it is in action.

Should I do a detailed outfit post?

Here goes.

Old sweater, full of fuzz balls, and threads that do not seem to ever go away: GoodWill
Hippie looking, ill fitting top: Me
"skinny" fluffy girl Jeans: Alloy
Boots ( early birthday gift ) : c/o Mele from here


Treehugger_31 said...

Love the shirt! It's just so cute. I think the fabric you choose makes it even better. :)

ylbb said...

I like how you pair it with jeans. Cute.

Jody said...

your blouse is fabulous! I love the pattern fabric that you chose and the style is great...I may need to make one myself! Thanks for the inspiration! I am new to your blog - came here from Pinterest!