The simbiosis shop sale is over.

And my-my, what a sale it was.

Thank you so much to those who stopped on by, and picked up a little something, or two, and in some cases ten.

I am utterly exhausted. I am pretty sure my sewing machine is as well, it is a bit noisier than usual. But both us old gals are hanging in there. I am staying open till the weekend, and then I am closing down for a bit.

I can't wait.

All I can think about, what is keeping me happy ( and working 16 hour days, that is no easy task ) is the thought of finally cleaning my house, top to bottom, till it is bright, shiny, thread free and even the deer that are in the woods of our property can smell the bleach. Sleeping in... no more waking up at 4:30 am. Cooking dinner, and actually eating it slowly, no more sandwiches and gobbling down my food so I can get back to work. Wrapping presents ( my dining room table is covered in gift wrap stuff, gifts, etsy purchases --- of course I also buy things from other etsy sellers --- for about 2 weeks now) planning my holiday baking extravaganza, but mostly playing with my children. My poor babies have only gotten attention from me seconds a day, and that is making me feel a thousand times more guilty, than anything else.

I can't wait, I just can't.

3 more days.

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Bea GarcĂ­a said...

Glad to hear you had great sales, Julia!