Last minute sewing + cookie pictures!

Last post of the year!

I have only 2 more things to get done (clean bathrooms + put our clothes into the luggage's) and I am err, we are 100% ready to go!

So here are a few things I made myself this week. this first bag is for all my smaller travel stuff, that does not leak (hair things, flat iron, eye shadows, blah, blah, blah). I used some of the Ruby Star Sparkle fabrics I ordered recently for the shop, as well as new chevron colorway for the bottom.

 I normally would not have used this fabric as a lining ( since it was expensive ) but it just coordinated so perfectly, I could not resist.

 This is a new makeup bag (purse size). I have been using the same one I made myself for 3 years now, and again, being a camera collector, and a lover of bright bold colors, it was so perfect, to have something so pretty with me always.

I used a tiny hounds-tooth canvas at the bottom, that I had completely forgotten I even had. I also have it in red and hot pink. Seriously? Yardage that I forgot about! I am so using them in my shop next year.

I'ts a bit scrunchie looking now, since it was at the bottom of my purse, when I pulled it out a while ago, to take a picture :)

A new Kindle cover!

I used another RSS print. I would have preferred a velcro/flap closure, but the phone itself is pretty big, and I did not want to cover it up.

I used a pink and white Riley Blake chevron print as the lining, the last little bit I had actually.

So pretty!

The Kindle Paper White was one of my Christmas gifts from Mele. He also bought me the flat screen tv that is in the recent pictures of my sewing room. My having a 20 year-old tv (hey! it was still good) in my sewing room was more than he could stand... apparently. He is too much. I would have been happy with a little teddy bear. Of course, the last time I told him this, he ordered one from a build a bear, with a outfit, shoes and hair accessories, that (if you have ever taken your kid to build a bear, it is expensive) completely missed the point of my stop wasting your money on me comment. He is so weird and awesome at the same time.

Ok, here we go.

So I ended up baking 5 different cookies, in addition to the chocolate covered oreos. And as much as I could easily post a picture, and make you think I am the Mexican Martha Stewart and everything I bake turns to pure awesomeness.... well that would be a big fat lie.

So my biscotti. First off, I have made some before, and they came out pretty damn near perfect. And when I say before, I was in my early twenties (back when the dinosaurs roamed the earth, and yes they also ate biscotti). So I followed the directions, and this is what happens. I blame the food network. They say, and I quote "leave loaf for 10 minutes on baking sheet, and then cut with serrated knife".. No sir. This is what happens. So after cussing alot, and stopping myself from throwing it away (and at that point, it was the last thing left to bake, so I was pretty much d-o-n-e) I did a quick internet search, and lo and behold "cool loaf on wire rack for 30-45 minutes before cutting into pieces". Duh. Those pieces look like frekin croutons now.

These are those candy-cane-oreo- blah blah cookies from the last post. They are so good!

 These are candy bar stuffed chocolate chip cookies. I made these months ago, for a local school bake sale, and they are really yummy. Last time I made some with almond joys, and I really wish they would have been in the holiday mixed candy bags. I used more snickers candies in them, since those are the ones my Dad, Step-Dad (weird, I know) and Mele are partial to.

These are Iced oatmeal-applesauce cookies. Too much chocolate, so this was a little something different. My icing is not as thick as Martha's, and I am not really sure why, but they are really tasty. I did tweak the recipe a little, by adding some cinnamon to it :)

These are cranberry noels. I used fresh cranberries instead, but modified the recipe with a just a bit more sugar. They have a yummy butter/tart flavor to them, and I am so glad I went for the fresh. They are amazing.


Another year, another batch of cookies. The only ones that are repeats are the chocolate covered oreos. We sent my older Sister a text with a picture of them, and she said that we have to drop of her batch before we get to our hosts (staying with my in-laws this year-- big bed, quiet neighborhood, and all the tamales we can eat, lol!)) house tomorrow night.

So I am signing off. I need to finish a few things, and hug and scratch and rub the furry bellies of my 7 children, as I will not see them until January 2nd. We have someone coming every other day to play with them, clean up after them, and make sure everything is OK, and we are so lucky to have her (and they have always been safe and happy with her) I am really getting upset and feeling guilty for leaving them for so long. I know it may sound completely dumb to some of you, but when the only children you will ever be able to have are the four legged kind, you tend to feel this way. 

OK, not ending on a sad note. They will be fine. I get to have alone time with my Mele. We get to spend time with our parents and siblings. So it is all good.

Have a great Christmas and New Year, be safe, and give your cat or dog a extra hug for me :)

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