Open for business

The Simbiosis Shop is now open. I have updated the gadget covers, and now have a iPad Mini section available for easy shopping, however the majority of the covers in the iPad Mini section can be customized to fit other small tablets and e-readers.

These are some of the new fabric prints I used. A very small sampling of them actually, once I am done listing all the new things (by tomorrow, for sure) you will see that the fabric choice options has grown! 

In the shop are some of the new fabric designs that just came out in recent weeks, like the Japanese made Melody Miller line. I absolutely love the bright vivid mix of colors she used, my only complaint is that her patterns tend to be on the BIG side, and I personally think that it is such a hindrance for those of us that like to be able to sew and create different things. I still adore them, and if they sell well, I might order more.

I finally purchased some galaxy / constellation prints. That planet one is utterly amazing. The colors and the details are so awesome.

The chevron selection has also been updated with new colorways, and just a note on the last picture, this is a utterly gorgeous linen fabric, with machine embroidered cherry blossoms I found in San Diego recently. So pretty, and sadly there was only less than a yard available. I *might* go down in July, so hopefully they might have more by then.

So today is quiet a eventful day over here in the US, and in the G-B household as well, Mele had the day off from work, my shop is open again, the sun is shining and what else could a girl want?

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