been doin'

working as always. trying to talk myself out of de-stashing the zipper hoard. making some new pouches. finally working on long overdue gift for sister no.2. wasting way too much time on pinterest. still looking for the perfect cookie recipe to make my better (albeit gassier) half for valentines. hoping he listened to me, and did not get me a expensive gift.

organizing. throwing junk away. making donate piles. wondering what is up with all the stamps. dreading what my receipt for 2012 box looks like. contemplating doing my own taxes this year. expecting to find half my shop receipts in my purses and kitchen drawers. 

wishing i had not ordered the business cards i did. thinking of applying to this craft show (even tho i was rejected last time i applied, ahem) and this one as well. dreading the rejection i will probably get. pinning possible booth ideas. trying to not get to excited. don't get your hopes up jules..you will probably get a no..again.

hoarding vintage music sheets. again. happy i went to a half price book sale at my favorite thrift store. found a couple of pretty cameras for my collection. also a paint-by-numbers HUGE deer that is un-painted and IN VELVET... i repeat, velvet. wondering why it has been eons since i posted any pictures of my finds. maybe i'll make a vintage-thing pinterest board.

  worried about my little dexie's eye. glad that removal is still not necessary, but it's looming and i am pretty sure it will come to that some day.

buying yarn. thinking of taking down the scalloped fabric bunting i have in my sewing room. if you want it and live in the US, let me know simbiosis_etsy at yahoo dot com..if you live here in the US only, sorry but the international rates are ridiculous now.

obsessed with poms poms. and my pom pom makers. i am making these as a gift for sister no.1. also for my bedroom. i have a 1960's light up glass corner that needs to not be in my sight range, anymore. also want to make a pom pom garland for my sewing room. thinking of painting my sewing room this summer.

need to finish this. and need to post that. 

it never ends, but i am not complaining. lets see what the weekend has to offer.


CHD said...

I came to visit your blog, because I recently made a house purse with your pattern in the Zakka Style book. I did a blog post about it over at mine (http://chdevelopments.blogspot.co.nz/2013/01/house-purse.html). Thank you for a lovely pattern. Cx

mary moon designs said...

Hi Julia

That was quite a post made me dizzy thinking about all the stuff you are doing and laughing because I am in the exact same boat except planning my annual bday party too and getting ready to join a quilt along a whole bunch of unfinished projects added to that mess and so on.
If your still looking for a new home for your bunting i would love to hang it here at my house hehehe.
hugs to you

robbynsnest.com said...

And I thought I was busy!! I recently began hoarding zippers, maybe I should start making pouches lol. I just started following your blog and I love it! Those little hexies in your last photo are awesome!

Paul said...

Hi Julia, I noticed a photo of your sheet music and that you collect vintage pieces. Do you ever sell them or are they just for personal use/collecting? I am interested in knowing what titles you have if selling is something you would consider. Thanks and all the best, Paul

Julia said...

Hi Paul,

I use them to make paper decorations for my home and for gifts.

I don't have alot of them in book form, just a few , the rest are loose sheets.


pvahora said...
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