SBJ - Shop Updates

Just added a few Passport Covers I had stored away. Will not be making anymore of these unless requested as a custom order.

The zipper pouch section of the shop is getting a pretty big update! I have added around 20 small/medium/large size pouches to the shop in modern and kawaii prints. I still have more, but I think I will save those for another day.

My planner inserts are arriving next week, and while they seem to be the exact same ones I had available last year, it looks like they may be a smidgen smaller, which is pretty frustrating, as I have had customers want to keep their planner cover, and just get a new insert, but I am keeping my fingers crossed that they will be the same, or the slight sizing difference will not be a problem. I was going to start working on the covers, but I am better off waiting till they come in, no need to rush into it, only to end up either wasting fabric.

I am also going to bring back the ID/Picture holders I was selling last year, I still have a stack of those plastic picture inserts rattling around in a drawer, so be on the lookout for those, probably next month.


NOT what I was GOING to get at PetSmart

Last weekend, we went on a little road trip, as I was in need of finding my Dad a gift for Father's Day, and since there are only 3 things he likes getting, it was a no-brainer. And so there we are, doing a little shopping here and there, and I told Mele to take me to PetSmart, because I wanted to get our kiddos a few new toys ( the pup's have a suitcase full, the cats a basket, but whatever, it's not like we all go thru life with a single pair of shoes!). We arrive at the store, and they had an adoption event going on ( it was a Saturday, after all ) and we strolled over to the see the dogs, there was a huge pen FULL of small dogs ( with the exception of a boxer, poodle and german shepard ) and im looking at them, and petting them... small dogs are cute. Some where playing, some where yipping, and of course there are the ones that are cowering in a corner, trembling. Ugh. As much as I would love to... I just knew that we where browsing, petting, and moving on to what we went to get in the first place.

And then, it happened.

Oh crap.

I have felt this before.

Once...twice....ok, seven times.

That moment when everything seems to blur out around you, it becomes so quiet, and you are face to face with something that literally makes your heart melt.

There she was, fast asleep, on a bitty corner of a bed, with 3 other dogs.....


I looked up, and Mele, who was on the other side of the pen, and he knew that I was a gonner. And I asked a little girl who was trying to keep up with the pee-pee, if I could see the grey puppy. She picks it up, and hands it's to me, and that was enough, I felt the hearts coming out of my ears, and as soon as she licked my nose, it was a done deal.

After filling out a 20 page questionnaire... seriously, on top of a "contract", and not to mention an old lady that kept interrupting our special moment, by saying.." oh I always wanted a blue chihuahua...hint hint", she was ours. The rescue group, happened to be one that is local to my neck of the woods, so we met up the following day to pick "Mama Candy" up.

She is what they call a "blue" chihuahua. Her first 2 + years of life where dedicated to breeding, in a horrible puppy mill. She was then rescued, and sent to a shelter in California.... however, it is a High Kill shelter, so she was again, given another shot, and was part of a group of dogs that where picked up by a local dog rescue, they get them all from high kill shelters in California. She is a little over 3 years old, and SMALLER (she is larger than a teacup chihuahua) than my Dexie! She looks pretty big in the pictures, and I have to admit that I have not really taken many pictures of her, only a few on my phone.

I love her so much. She OWNS Mele. She pines after him, when he gets home from work. JuJu Bean, is the only one of the puppys that seems mildly interested in her, which makes me sad, but this is not my first new dog introduction, so it will take a while, but I am confidant that they will all be besties one day. For now, as I type this, she is here on my lap, licking my hand. She never has to worry about being a baby making machine, nor having to live with a bunch of dogs. She now has 7 siblings (I am including my bearded dragon, of course!) a Mom and Dad, and not to mention a Grandma and Auntie in San Diego, that are dying to meet her,

And, her name is now Chiquita ( chi - key - tah ) which means tiny in Spanish!


A post about this and that


Ok, hello how are you? I am doing well. I sent my 2 favorite Mothers ( mine & Sister #1 ) some handmade gifts this year (again) and this ridiculously colorful/crazy/wtf worthy thing you see above is an iPad Mini deco case that my Sister requested as a gift. See, this is one of the many reasons why I adore my Sister(s) as much as I do, we only have 3 years age difference, but we are so alike and so different (she is older, and oompa-loompa size) at the same time, and this is nothing short of amazing. We sound THE same... seriously, we have fooled Mele & Chris (BIL) a few times, which is so much fun, we come up with the same ideas, we dress similar, love silly colorful things and can be sweet as pie one minute, a fear inducing b***h the next. Anyways, I am so happy that she loved her case, she said that in a million years she would have never imagined it turning out this way, and I am so working on one for my iPad, which I am well aware will make it not only heavier than it already is, but a total pain in the tukuss to put in the case I made for it, but whatever, it's gonna be cute, and that is pretty much enough for me.

My supply shop has been open for 3 weeks (tomorrow) and I am at 85 sales, which I think is pretty great, considering the amount of supply shops that are already on Etsy. I really, really love having this type of shop. I feel as enthusiastic about it, as when I was on year's 2 & 3 of my Simbiosisbyjulia shop (when I made whatever I felt like making) if I am perfectly honest. I am not saying I hate what I do for a living, on the contrary, I LOVE what I do, but it is pretty repetitive, and let's face it, making laptop/tablet sleeve's does not fall into the "fun" sewing category. But this supply shop, I am selling nothing but things I love, and have used myself. Ordering from overseas is pretty new to me, and I must say that since I have been working on this since February, I have only had 2 ... umm, how shall I say this, interesting transaction's, the rest have been pretty smooth. It is ALOT of time, and research that needs to go into this, which is why it took all these months to be able to just open, and my shop is not where I would like it to be, yet, but having a roster of reliable suppliers is going to help me, as the shop grows over time.

I am as always hopeful and with a positive pep in my step, because being negative and full of self doubt is nothing but a catalyst to failure... just sayin!

I have been itching to make myself a new pin cushion for a while now, okay for a long time, I have been using the same one since....geez 6 years now? And I have a teacup or jar one I am contemplating trying to make, so if it does not come out to ugly, or hell, even if it does, I will share a picture of it.


Discount Code & Shop updates

Valid in my simbiosisbyjulia shop only, use discount code JABBA15 at checkout for 15% off your purchase, excluding shipping and valid until 5/12.

Updated my little fabric shop with lot's of out of print Japanese fabric remnants a few days ago, and the majority of them have been sold, but there are still a few kawaii prints available, if you want to have a look!


New Shop Opening!

Today is the very first day my new supply shop on etsy is open. It is a bit daunting and a project I have been working on for a few months now, but it's finally here. I still have more supplies to add over the next few weeks, and as the shop grows (hopefully) I will be adding to the inventory. I would really appreciate if you have a chance to take a poke around (even tho I think sewing is more your thing) but any ♥'s on etsy that I can get, will be greatly appreciated!