Shop updates

New pouches and gadget covers have been added to the SBJ etsy shop today. The fabrics I used for the pouches are seriously adorable, and while I did not buy fabric to make gadget covers, I am more than happy to take on requests, just message me thru my shop!


Fabric Destash Updates !

In a never ending effort to get a handle on my limited shelf space and excess fabric buying, I have listed destash fabric bundles in my shop on etsy.  Each bundle is a "theme", mushrooms, travel, retro, owls, little kukka, hipsters and birds are what is left, and while the first picture is really not so pretty, I do have pictures on the listing of the fabrics (see above) so you can have a better look. I also listed fabric yardage (new & unwashed) at destash prices, if you are interested in a few things (3 or more) shoot me a message thru my supply (pink owl fabric) shop, and we can figure out combined shipping and maybe a small additional discount out, but please only if you are purchasing fabrics only, 3 or more listings.

Things are as always, quiet around here. I do post pictures and updates on my SBJ facebook page more often, and what free time I have had lately is going to organizing my sewing room (hence the destash update, with a BIG Japanese Import Fabric destash update to come) trying to get my new etsy shop up and running ( non sewn items ) which I know is both scary (money invested) and time consuming (late nights) but I know I can do this.

We have also been puttering around the house lately, and trying to get our "yard" looking much better. We had some trees (9 of them) taken down, and have had a landscaper come and help us with the aftermath of the clean up, since they came from the front of the house, the mess was crazy. We met a neighbor who lives up the road ( hey, I live in the country, so I can TOTALLY say this!) who turned out to be a huge guy, that drives around with a miniature chihuahua , and apparently owns a llama farm, and he happily hauled away about a million thick slabs of tree trunks ( imagine how many hipsters could have made coffee tables and place-mats with all that???) to chop and save for the winter. You know, as much as I love my house, I have no idea why 2 people who have love pretty flowers (and one that runs away like a maniac screaming when any bug is within 2 feet of them) but have no gardening skills, thought that buying a house that sits on 3 acres was a good idea.

Hope you have a great weekend, we have some jurrasic-size (my term for HUGE) ferns all over our back yard that are getting dug out and given to a friend, so I will try to keep my screaming at a minimum when all the worms and creepy crawlers attack me, but I make no promises!


Shop updates!

Oh Hello there!

I was feeling nostalgic a few weeks back (looking at pictures of my old shop items I once made & sold) and decided to bring back the Pocket Pouch! I went thru my personal stash of much loved fabrics, choosing my most favorite prints, as well as the ones that sold like hot cakes in my shop circa 2008-2010, and it took a while, but I am pretty happy with the old, out of print fabrics I choose, along with some newer prints, just to have a bit of variety.

I updated the shop just a few minutes ago, and just wanted to give you a heads up that most of them where made from the very last pieces of fabrics I had in my stash, so once it is sold, there is no way to make another one!

I have a super soft spot in my heart for these fabrics:

- Rainbow Turtles
- Snow White & the 7 dwarfs
- Kawaii Owls and Mushrooms
- Chic Parisien ( massive regret on NEVER having purchased yardage of this one *snif* )
- Happy Day

Working on the pouches for my shop was really fun, even tho I still make bulk order pouches (for wholesale customers only) it was a nice change to be super picky, and only use prints I really love.

* Just a side note, that while I do not post here on the blog on a regular basis, I am posting more often on my shop FaceBook page *

Have a great week!


More Decoden!

OK, so this is my first and second decoden with the whip cream. Oh no, this is seriously turning into something beyond a new "hobby". I have 6 friends asking for a case, and 2 ladies I know that want "lessons" from me, on how to make these.

My new hobby is quickly slipping away, as fast as I got it.


The faux frosting that I read up on, and was pretty scared of using turned out to be so easy to work with. The first case is mine, the second one is for Sister #1. She gave me the idea of adding the glitter, and thankfully I have a bunch that where supposed to be used for blinging out my tree ornaments, but I was so busy last year in Nov/Dec that I never got around to setting up our tree. Anywho, the glitter is so cute on the cases. I was trying to work on the case for Sister #2 via text (since she lives in San Diego) and we decided to wait till some other cabochons I ordered ( * hanging my head in shame, but hey, I got them on Etsy which is good! * ) come in hopefully next week.

They are almost dry, and I am so going to annoy you with more pictures as I make more.... or ah, work on"requests".

Yes, I still love sewing.



This year has started out pretty yucky, so I have been colorfying (yeah...not really a word) things around the house, and doing things for me and for fun. I still love how my lampshade turned out, and I wish I had more lamps to yarn up.

With a new year, came a new hobby. And since no one seems to manufacture/sell really cute and woman friendly storage containers, after giving this one here (purchased at my local TrueValue) a coat of white spray paint, I almost completely covered it in buttons ( those really big and really tiny ones I have in abundance, but no use for ) and after thinking really hard about it, for like a minute, I went the washi tape route instead. OK, fine I was not in the mood to hot glue my fingers, and I change my mind all the time, this was easier, and will not be a pain in the tushie later on, when I paint it pink or something.

Mr.Spock, our newest member of the family, has completely grown on me. I was that girl, you know the ones that freak out over lizards/snakes, even tho they are in inclosures. *shudder* .. ok snakes still scare the bejezus outta me, but this beardie... my beardie has grown on me. I hold him, and feed him, and talk to him ( yes, I am THAT kind of pet owner), and he is hilarious. Whenever he poses like this, it's like he is trying to hitchhike or something. He loves to take naps with Mele, which is so sweet, and really weird.

Many years too late, but as one of my brother-in-laws gave me the new iphone for Christmas, I bought this really cute, and completely age inappropriate decoden case on etsy. And I LOVE it. The thing weighs more than one of my chihuahuas, but still, who cares...too cute! And having traveled in my suitcase, then my purse to and from San Diego, and up until today, not a single thing has fallen off!

So I was so happy with my case, that I gave making one myself a shot. And not to mention, shopping for things was fun, there are so many doo-dads to choose from, it's hard to keep in mind that only so much can fit on a case.


This is what I made myself last night. It stinks to high heaven of e6000, but I really like how it came out. I sent a picture of it to my Sisters, both of which asked me how much to buy it off me, which was funny, since they both have the iphone 4, and I am pretty sure the case won't fit, and  also when was I going to start selling them? 

Ahhh.. nope and never!  Is this common? I like making things (except anything sewn..a-hem, wonder why) for myself, and when I post pictures for my friends, I get asked where are you selling it? Weird. Anywho, I ordered more of those sugar skulls from a shop on Etsy today, I am going to figure out a different version for Sister #1's Mother's Day gift.

That is pretty much it, nothing too exciting, except for ending up at the casino after our Valentines dinner, which I enjoyed, the louder/obnoxious the slot machine, the more likely I am to sit at it and feed the darn thing. My Twitter account was hacked last night (why, I have no idea) and besides a lot of sleep tweets, the idiot hacker followed like 400 people, most of them where middle eastern, so I am assuming the hacker was as well, so after having reset my password, and deleted the tweets and hundreds of people from my feed, I went ahead and spent a while resetting every-single one of my passwords, from Etsy to my bank accounts, which was a pain in the butt, and I had to write them down, until I memorize them, I went upper case/lower case/numbers/and nonsense crazy on all of them, so thanks hacker for that!

 In shop news, I have a stack of new pretty/pastely/moderny (what is it with me, and non-existent words lately?) covers on my work table that I am planning on tackling this weekend, in the hopes of a small shop update next week. 

I also re-opened my Japanese Fabric Store again, all the new fabrics are on sale, and I added a few destash items such as fabric boxes and zippers. I made a few scrap bundles, and have them listed ( had a few messages, asking for more) I finally took a few pictures of more Japanese fabric's that I am going to sell by the Flat Rate Envelope, I'll post once they are up, for now I need to get back to working on shop orders.