Time for a giveaway!

It's GIVEAWAY time!

You can win this "creepy" assortment of cabochons, black kitty ears and Japanese sticker set.

All you have to do is follow @themintbeadery on instagram, repost this photo using #tmbcreepygiveaway 

Complete rules are posted on the shop instagram account.

You can win this "cute" assortment of kawaii cabochons, pink kitty ears and Japanese sticker set.

All you have to do is follow @themintbeadery on instagram, repost this photo using #tmbcutegiveaway

Complete rules are posted on the shop instagram account.


Simbiosis shop updates

The Simbiosisbyjulia shop, on etsy is getting up-dated with new, ready to ship zipper pouches, clutches, make-up bags, and planner accessories!

I wrote a few months back, about how I had lost my sense of direction, when it came to this shop, but I have finally got my mojo back. I have so many old favorites I am bringing back (pouches !! ) and I am dusting off the beautiful embroidery machine my parents gifted me over a year ago (sorry --- I was so sad about my shop, that despite having this amazing machine, I was not interested in using it AT ALL ) and I actually had a sill dream, about some pretty floral clutches, embroidered with some "words" (including a few naughty ones --- you are warned) that I am going to make happen.

While I am spilling my guts out, I am also going to try and get back into my (at least) weekly blogging mode. I do have alot of things I would love to share, including my PINK christmas tree, and the ornaments I spent all Summer working on... you guys, seriously I look at my tree, and I cannot believe it is mine!


Destash Update

As I previously mentioned, I have been trying to figure out what to do with myself lately. And I think I need to start all over again.

Sort of.

With so many awful changes on Etsy, since last year, I would be lying if I did not realize that it has contributed to a steady decline in shop sales, in my Simbiosis shop. My shop, that has been around since 2006 has been slowly dying off. My husband told me that he "thinks" that the problem was that I opened up the supply shop.

Well, yes....and NO.

Dividing my time between handmade and re-selling was hard, but I found a way to make it work.

What he did not understand, and what the Etsy forums where full of, is the fact that a shop, does not become irrelevant overnight.

THAT is what happened.

My shop became a death zone.

It is like I ceased to exist.

I am not going to say my shop is the one that sold THE most gadget covers.

Not at all.

I have eyes. And I have been well aware of other shops that have done it just as long, and better, and kept at it. I have also seen a shop start after me, and surpass me. Which is fine ( what can I say, really?) and kind of mind boggling, in the simple fact that I have seen quiet a few pictures that have been posted on social media of customers showing their purchases...and uh....I guess all my effort into sending perfectly rounded corners, straight bottom seams, and top stitching for all these years has pretty much been in vain.

I guess the faster (and a bit sloppy) I can turn out gadget covers, the more my sales would have increased.

Well, OK then.

So what happened?

I can think of quiet a few things.

I can not compete with shops that have HIGH daily "Etsy Ad Budgets".

I was helpless to stop etsy from getting rid of a front page.

It was not my idea to stop categories from being easy to understand.

I never wanted a NEW person to etsy to look around, and see ONLY "suggested" items.

I would not have used "relevant" as opposed to newly listed, as what a person is shown when "searching" for something.

I have no control over what page I (or rather--- A---) gadget cover shows up on. Do I wish my cases where featured on every single page...including several cases a page, starting at page 1?

Yes.  That would have been helpful. But I guess that is reserved for other shops.

So what should I do?

Retake all my pictures?

Re-do all my shop tags? (did it)

Change my descriptions? (done it)

Charge a lot less for my work? (nope)

Open up 2-3 stores selling the exact same thing?

Give up?

Well... this option is the one that has pretty much been the most appealing to me, if it where not for one tiny thing.

THIS... my shops..is how I make a living.

How I pay for my half of the mortgage. How I buy groceries. How I pay bills.

And let me tell you, that it has been a bit scary lately, but I am chugging along...barely.

So it comes down to me finishing feeling sorry for myself ( not quiet there yet, but with the shitty year I have had so far including the loss of my Mother in law in January, I am allowed to self wallow in some misery for a few more days ) and maybe a fresh start.

Now I just need a bit of seed money and motivation.

If you sew... or know someone that does, I would really appreciate you letting them know that I am selling a bunch of sewing supplies.

I have listed a ton of new zippers and some quilting things I never used. I am going to start listing fabrics this week, but the zippers took up more time than I thought.

They are in my destash shop:  www.pinkowlfabric.etsy.com

Yes, this was a whiny post, but I think everyone is entitled to feel this way, when they see something that they have spent years, and hours into..pretty much fall apart.



As you may have noticed, the SBJ shop has been closed for over a week now.
I am still trying to figure out if I should keep it as it is, or go back to to selling only small, ready to ship items.
If I am brutally honest, I no longer have a love of sewing. I lost it when I became a maker of the same item over and over again, and not to mention gadget covers that are lost in an ocean of complete look-alikes, are not fun to make.
I am a creative person. I like making things that are useful and pretty. I honestly do not like being told what to do, and this is how the Simbiosisbyjulia shop has felt like to me for the last 3 years.
I went from being a creator, to a one woman sweat shop.
I don't want to be that anymore.
I am still doing some soul searching, but as much as I would love to continue on this way, I have to make a living. Most likely, I will be selling off ALOT of fabrics and sewing supplies in my destash shop:www.pinkowlfabric.etsy.com starting next week and I will be let you know when I re-open the simbiosisbyjulia shop.


This was a LONG time coming. I honestly kept this blog only because it was a part of my Bio in the Zakka book I contributed a project to. As far as actually wanting to blog in the proper sense of the word, the last time was around the time we purchased our home. But I honestly never wanted to share personal things on the internet, and as much as I would have LOVED to be a "craft/sewing" blogger, my Etsy shops have me on a working 12 hours a day, 6 days a week, and my few hours, and days off, I just want to be with my amazing Mele, my four-legged kids and enjoy life.

I am still going to be around. Sort of. My Simbiosis shop FaceBook page will be updated, when there is something worth posting, and that will include when I do one of my fabric de-stashing sales ( which I have one coming up, next month ) and when I update the shop, or have a sale.

I have a instagram account that is fairly new, but I am pretty active on it, and have a little bit of what I love ( sewing / my kiddos / decoden / daily life ) posted.

I looked thru my post's, and easily deleted the majority of them. Maybe one day, I'll find a way to become the crafting/sewing blogger, I always wanted to be, but for now, I'll keep this silly post up, and the tutorials.