The house pouch - love edition


this post is a bit late, but here nonetheless.

i wanted to share with you the Valentines ( or love ) edition of my little house pouch, that i made a few days ago.

this sewing project is really simple, you do not have to have advanced sewing skills at all, to be able to make your own version.

what you need for this project is available in the book, along with a detailed directions, including instructions on attaching a zipper, which is how i add my zippers to all my bags, so if you are tired of having funny looking, or angled corners, this is another reason to buy the book!

house pouch tweek 1- after having cut out the fabric pieces, instead of round "windows", i cut my felt scraps in the shape of hearts.

tweek 2- i alternated between button flowers, and hand stitched heart flowers. you can always have as many or few flowers along the little house pouch, it is up to you.

all done.

here is version no.1

and version no.2

so sweet.

i would love to see someone elses version of the house pouch! feel free to email me a link or picture, so i can have a look: simbiosis_etsy at yahoo dot com


Amy Louski said...

This is super cute! I am def. gonna have to try this. :]

mary moon designs said...

I bought the book and i love it! All i need now is your autogragh lol

Julie said...

ah thanks!

omg Mary... one of my sisters in law said the same thing, lol!

thanks for my card ♥

Nanette Merrill said...

yours is cuter than the original, I love it