around the studio

i have been contemplating my little studio lately, and i
am going to have to move things around a bit.

it might not look so big, but my mele ( who is 6 ft. tall ) has actually gone inside and taken a nap with the puppies in there.
if you can imagine a tattooed, shaved head, thug looking guy, saying " ahh... come on it's cuddle time! " to 3 little dogs.

not sure how, but i need to make this work.

or, maybe if i hint at it, this monster can go into the kitty cats bedroom ( yes, my cats have a bedroom, with  huge windows, awesome view, and better lighting than i have in my studio - ironicaly enough ) which i think they will love, since they keep trying to sneak into it now to nap, but someone ( not going to mention who) shoo's them away. and perhaps, getting another one, a bit smaller for the pups.

ju-ju bean has now been here with us for 2 weeks ( tomorrow ) and is...
just a tad bit loca.

oh. my. god.

when she is awake. she is crazy. seriously. crazy. they run up and down the stairs, they wrestle, they chase each other. she takes flying leaps ( think super man ) off of the couch, the chaise, the stairs, my arms ( which now has me carrying her around in a vice grip, lol) my lap. anything with a bit of height, she launches herself off of. she is getting along much better with ziggy and dexie. play wise, with ziggy. dexie sort of joins in, but she prefers to watch them. for sleepy time, its all about the two girls, cuddling together under a blanket.

her personality is coming out more and more. she is sweet as can be. we had our first visit to the vet, and she was so worried, that her forehead was actually wrinkled up!

she is not a fan of the cats, which has me a bit worried. she chases cutey out of the studio sometimes. but it will all work out. the kittys have all met her, and gave me the "are you frekin kidding me.. another dog?" look, but no growling, hissing or swatting so far.

for now, we are all one big happy family, what more could a girl want?


mary moon designs said...

Your family is growing. The puppies are all so cute and i love their tent.

Treehugger_31 said...

I'm more than a little jealous of your awesome work space! And look at all that fabric! Bliss!!!

That "pup tent" is just adorable! What lucky little dogs to have such a great cuddle spot. :) Where did you get it?

Jen said...

Love them. And your little bean has the doxie ears. :D

Becky J. said...

i love the little house. moving things around is fun-- and exciting when it is all done!