Easy Camera Strap Tutorial

Being in desperate need of a camera strap, for my trip to the quilt show this weekend, I not only finally used some of my precious (using golums voice) monsterz fabric, but I took it one step further, and decided to write up this tutorial as well.

Camera Strap Tutorial:
Sewing level: easy/beginer

Materials needed:

1- FQ of fabric or a quick dig thru your (or a friends, when they are not looking) scrap basket
1- Piece of Pellon 911FF Fusible Interfacing
2- 1" Swivel Hooks 

Measure your swivel hook! I used an approximately 1", so if you have a bigger or smaller one on hand, be sure and adjust the measurements to suit your needs.

Since I am using a FQ, and a print that goes in one direction, I cut out two, 2" wide x 21" long pieces of fabric.

Why this interfacing?

Because it is very flexible and has a nice thickness to it.

Iron interfacing to wrong side of fabric. 

 Trim off any extra.

Fold straps in half, and steam iron.

Since my print is one directional (yes, I already mentioned it) and if you use something along the same lines, stitch both pieces together, to make one long strap. (1/4" seam) 

Now, do a quick stitch along the bottom of both ends of the strap.


Back to the ironing board: Press open your top center seam. Now fold and press 1/4" along the entire length, on both sides. (see photo bellow) Then press the strap one more time (folds on the inside) while folded in half.

I know that there are funny looking, skinny metal doo-hickeys that one can use to turn fabric right side out, when your sewing a thin strap, but this method here, is how I make my thin straps. Mainly because once you turn the fabric right side out (with the doo-hickey) not only is it wrinkled, and starting to fray, but there is no way to press your seam open. My way is a bit faster (or it seems so to me, since I have been doing it for years) you seams stay nice and ironed, no fraying, and no metal doo-hickey contraption is required.

 And now we do the top stitch all along one side, and then the other.

Slip on your swivel hooks, then end is near!

Fold in about 1/2" over the hook, and stitch back and forth a few times, you want to make sure that sucker isn't going anywhere!



If you are using a all-over print fabric, cut one 2" x 44" length of fabric, and skip the center seam part of the tutorial.

Step-by-step instructions where given, because we all started sewing wanting to know in detail, how and why something is done.

My padded mat is almost done, and it looks so cute! All I need is to buy some binding this weekend, because those blanket stitches of mine, left alot to be desired.



Sewing Room Clean-up !

Photoshop-less picture post. Sorry for the not so cute pictures, but I am on vacation, and yes, that includes fixing up pictures, for my blog.

This was the aftermath, of the sale. And I know that some may think, this is my normal... for me, I can't, I just cannot work like this. And it was worse, much worse, but those images are between me and the sea.

 Besides re-folding my fabrics, it was time for a purge. A real one. You know what I mean? Kind of when you go to your closet, to hang up a new sweater, and you realize that you do not have anymore room? And you say to yourself, hmm, maybe I should re-organize my closet, you take everything out, and then look in horror, as your king size bed has disappeared under a mountain of jeans, sweaters, blouses, cardigans, jackets, t-shirts and not to mention "those clothes" ( more commonly known as my onedayIwillsqueezemyfatassintothem ) and the handful "no wonder it was on clearance, and still available in every size" things. Anyone ever been thru this, or was it just me, as recently as yesterday? Yeah, kind of like that kind of a purge, but with fabric.

I did pretty good with it, if I do say so myself. If I was to wait a few days, and look thru all my fabrics again, I am pretty sure there are a few more than go, but for now, this messy pile of Japanese prints up here, are going into the scrap bundles I sell in my little fabric shop ( closed right now, sorry ) and this huge box down below, is going to a local thrift shop or maybe a quilting bee? I dunno, I may have to ask around a bit.

And finally, the very best part, a clean Julie friendly sewing room!

I even managed to make the lining fabrics look pretty :)

I have this obsession with these lamb/sheep (which ones, not sure?) planters. I don't know why, but I cannot resist them.

I went thru my smaller bits of Japanese fabrics, and only kept those, I absolutely 100% love.

 Which as you can see, are alot of them. 

Birthday pressie, and the only, I repeat only holiday-esque thing that is in my house.

OK, cork board still needs fixing, but the point of them, is to use them for things you need to have handy, and not forget, right? Or else, I would call it a "inspiration board", which it is not. 
  And scene.

Now I can continue with my donation purging, next room is the kitchen!