Japanese craft books, sewing machines and chihuahua puppies....

Are among the top 10 things that I LOVE more than anything. So after having worked (and worked) getting ready for the sale, during the sale, and as of yesterday being done with all sale things (*phew*) I treated myself to a couple of things. Among them, was this super awesome (if you are into girlie and super inspiring and zakka-esque things) quilting book and 2 issues of Cotton Time magazine that I had not purchased.

 I cannot find a single thinig in this book that I do not think is totally awesome and inspiring.

I LOVE this so much. And the multiple fabric, detachable strap is beyond genius! I am so doing a multiple fabric thing a ma jig for the shop...oh wait, I do have the Laptop sleeves already! No matter, I will think of something :)

I would so trade a stack of my fabric for this quilt. This exact one.

OK, I know a certain someone who's first name starts with a 'K' (who may or may not be out in the middle of the pacific ocean with her hubby) that knows how to crochet. So when you happen to see this entry, Pretty Please, with sugar on top, can you make me one of these (or a set of three? lol) . By the time I learn how to crochet these squares, I'll be a arthritic little old ladie.

If I was single (thank you universe for my Mele) I would so make a TV cover like this. I do need to make one for the computer I use. With all the fabric fibers flying about, I have a constant layer of fuzz on the screen, which makes me feel like I do not clean, but I do! I wanted to make a little patchwork something, similiar to one of the sewing machine covers I made a while back, but I think it may be a bit to heavy. I don't know, but I will doodle a little something this week, and see what I can come up with.

Speaking of doodles, I sent my little animal doodle to Spoonflower, to have it made into fabric, horray! I also changed the Instamatic camera design (from last year) to another background color, and I cannot wait to get those fabrics in, and work on little bags for the shop.
I changed my shop categories a few days ago, I thought the idea making them like that was kind of cute, and maybe easier to really find something one might like. So far, the response has been OK, which is good.

So, I stayed away from the Thrift Stores (again!!!) this past weekend, but I did get this little thing in the mail on Monday. This is the second time I have "won" this machine online. Oh no, no, no. I do not have 2 of them. Just one. I have had a ebay account since, a long time ago (I have a red star rating..huzzah!) and all these years, I have had nothing but really good experinces. Well. not anymore. So the first time I 'bought' this machine, it was a buy it now + free shipping. The listing had a picture of this machine. The description was of this machine. So lo and behold 2 weeks after I paid for it, it shows up. I tear open the wrapping, and.....what the H-E-double hockey sticks! It was not this machine, but the green Hello Kitty one. Ahem. So after a slew of cuss words, and some smoke coming out of my nostrils, and giving Mele the evil eye, for him giving me a "it's just a stupid sewing machine" look. I jumped on the computer (not litteraly...but you know what I mean) and sent a very polite (despite my anger) message to the seller, basically asking him, if he was aware of the mistake.

And then... oh no.

I received the most impolite and horrible message back. Ugghh. good thing this guy lives somewhere in Nevada, or else I think, for the first time in my life, I would have asked Mele to go beat him up.Yes, it was that bad. I think the nicest thing he said to me was "YOU CAN BE A SCAMMER". Ya, because, as you are all aware , Ebay scammers have almost 2,000 + feedback ratings and pay with a verified bussiness accounts. Ughh.In the end, and after more messages, and even Ebay getting involved. I had enough and kept the dang green machine (which looks really cute on top of my fabric shelves, btw). But this whole thing, really made me think. How, how for the love of all that is good, can a person who has a online bussiness (of sorts) can fly of the handle, and act so crazy and rude? I just cannot wrap my head around it. Truly.

So that was my last few days. Brings me to right here, right now. I have a stack of little bags that I am working on, need to take pictures of a few I have already sewn. Thinking about Mother's day, and I really want to make something for my Mami and Sister, but am at a bit of a loss as to what. I have ebony and ivory (aka Ziggy and Dexie) chasing each other around the room, and both trying to jump on my lap as I sit here writing this, so I think I will stop boring you for now.

See ya later, alligator!

April 26:
The shop I purchased that Japanese quilting book from is all sold out (they only had about 4-5 copies available). However I highly recommend you try to find it at either Lisa's Etsy shop or Yoshimis Etsy shop. Both of these ladies are not only awesome sellers, but have been really great and helpful to me, in locating fabrics and other things I have needed. There is another seller on Etsy that has a really great book/magazine selection in her shop. I have purchased quiet a few things from her as well.


joanna said...

OMG!! i love your hello kitty sewing machine!! it's still cute whatever that colour is though i wouldn't have mind pink or purple:OD makes me want to take up sewing NOT!!when i was younger i was playing w/my mother's machine (she had the sweat shop one HUGE) & the needle went through my sleeve & i was stuck until she freed me. ur puppies are so cute!!!

Kanussel said...

Hello! Can you tell where you bought that book? I hope I can buy it on the internet, because i live in Norway ;-) I really like it :-)

kelly said...

hey you,
haha, I have the internets for 1 or 2 days and the first thing I did was check your blog. Yes, I will make you at least 1 granny square box! But, you'll have to wait a little while (I don't have the yarn with me).
I'll send you a convo...
xoxo, k

Nanette Merrill said...

That book is my favorite. I love it. I take it on vacation with me to just look at.