Starting to feel like home....

Thought I would quickly pop in, and share some pictures of our new house. These shots are of what is currently my favorite room in the house ( the TV room), not only because, it is somewhat done ( still needs to be painted!), but that fireplace and view to our woods, still has me in awe.

Last picture is of my new sewing room.
Yes.. that is indeed wood paneling...er checkerboard on the walls (and all the walls in the house.. fun!) and let me tell you, I have been working on it since last week. But, tonight I am giving it the last coat of paint (woo!) and will finally be back to my happy sewing self (and with my Etsy shops open) by Monday.

I will post more before and after shots of my new room, as soon as I get a chance.


joanna said...

Hi Julia!!
it's been a long time since i posted and wanted to say CONGRATULATIONS on your new home. i BIG HEART the wood panels where your cameras are. much love to you and wishing you always the best.

Tinster said...

Oh my god Julia - look at all those cameras!! I am sooo jealous ;) In the best way ever, of course!

Congrats on your new "hyggelige" home!


Julie said...

Ahh.. thank you ladies!

erica said...

Loving the photos so far! Congratulations!