Welcome, to my sewing room! (major photo dump!)

Very quickly: I was unable to get the curtains done, because last night, as I was working on them, I got electrocuted by my iron (several times!), which was funny, only because, I have a long history of iron malfunctions, but I think the best one thus far, has been, the one, where it caught on fire, and I danced around my other sewing room, like a chicken with my head cut off, while holding it.

But, I digress.

Where I started:

And where I ended up....

I am so happy with the end results.
I now have 2 work tables. This is my main one, the other one has a plastic coated, nesting doll tablecloth fabric, I have had for a very long time, and I now have somewhere to paint!
All my fabrics, have been freshly folded, and as always, organzied by color, and type (Japanese on 2 units -- non & vintage on 1). My long, shelving unit (IKEA) houses craft supplies I use regularly, WIP's, fabric scrap baskets, vintage patterns, and my tv. Tall, free-standing drawer unit, is for my zippers (organized by size). Corner table is for my little doll house, and to take product pictures. Dresser, (which started a very ugly brown, with peeling lacquer) is now a pretty pink, and hold's my shop stock, as well as one of my favorite typewriters. I removed the closet doors (which will be recyled, into shelves for the closet...someday) and have stored more craft supplies (rarely used) as well as extra shop stock, in plastic bins, and drawers inside. Wall behind my sewing desk, has a built in storage cubby, which I used scrap-booking paper to cover up the old wall-paper back-splash (yuck). My cork-board is covering up  the intercom (!!!) that is in this room. And finally, my old bookshelf, I used to have in the livingroom, is now home to my sewing machines, craft books, and Japanese Craft magazines.

One thing that I no longer have in the room, is my computer. I asked Mr.Wonderful, if it was OK to set it up, along side his, in his 'man-cave'. He cheerfuly agreed, and it has been pretty nice, to be together, during our free-times. I really wanted it out of my sewing room, because to me, it is a major distraction.

It was really fun (albeit time consuming) to fix up my sewing room. It gave me a tiny taste, of what I have to look forward to as a home owner now. I already purchased the paint for the laundry room, and cannot wait to give that a makeover as well.

One room down.

And only, nine more to go! 


Courtastic said...

I am in awe, and a whole lotta infatuated, with your room! If I had a pinterest page...I'd be pinning some of these pictures. Absolutely fantastic!

The Paisley Abbey said...

Wow, that is wonderful! I love the color on the walls and how you decorated everything! Beautiful job!!

I have had many iron mishaps too, but luckily none caught on fire!! (Yet!) I asked my mom for a nice iron from my mom for Christmas, which she begrudgingly bought. She thought it was a dumb gift and too practical, but I told her she just doesn't understand the importance of a good iron to a sewer. She bought me a cordless one that I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it. A cordless iron is a wonderful invention! I can send you a link to the one I have if you would like.


Heather said...

oh my gosh, i LOVE YOUR STUDIO. Emerald with envy!

Becky J. said...

what a great space! i just moved too and have a sewing cottage that just tonight loaded all the boxes into. now to go through and figure out where the heck everything goes! i totally need that ikea shelf.

LSL said...

Love it! I'm so jealous of your great space :)

Kathy - Pink Chalk Studio said...

Beautiful space, love the colors and all the inspiration you surround yourself with. Thank you for sharing it! I'm with you on the computer, I love not being connected while I'm sewing.

Linda said...

Your space is absolutely perfect! I love your color choices and all the eye candy! I could be so creative in this room! Thank you for sharing!

jenclair said...

Wow! Love the color and all the interesting details!

Desi said...

OMG I'm in love :)

EmilyJean @ citystitchin.blogspot.com said...

I know I'm coming in late in the game, but this looks awesome! I am without even a closet for my crafting supplies (tiny apartment) and this is definitely inspiring!


Ali's Warm Fuzzies said...

I love your room. Where did you get the three white cabinets that house your fabric?

Julie said...

Hi Ali!

The 3 cabinets are from Ikea.