Sorry. I know I am becoming one of those annoying chi loving / cat ladies that do nothing but post pictures on our blogs, but just look at her face.

I am so lucky. She is the sweetest thing ever. I walk around the house, and she tries to keep up, and keep her nose pressed against my leg. If I am in kitchen, I turn around, and she is sitting on the carpet ( dogs are not allowed in the kitchen.. and they know it) staring at me with one paw in the air...and then she switches paws, and sometimes ends up on her hind lesg, with both paws up.

She knows that when I say " lets' cuddles mama", it means that she gets to nap on my lap, under a blanket.. or in the case of Mr. Wonderful, she gets under his sweatshirt.

She is a brave little thing, and gets into fiesty moods, and starts to chase the cats, even Peanut, who she used to be scared of.

She fills her little mouth up ( like a squirrel ) with food, and spits it out ( away from the plate) and then proceeds to eat it. And since the left side of her face is messed up ( she was either dropped or hit so hard as a puppy, she lost her vision in one eye, and her mouth droops--- not by us, we adopted her from the shelter with her eye litterarly all gross and with puss and other yuckys) she manages to scrape us with her little tooth that sticks out whenever she licks us, and her little tongue is always sticking out. So sweet. And I am one lucky puppy mama :)


Emma Thomsen said...

It's so good to see a badly cared for puppy end up in a loving forever home! She is super cute.

Jess said...

your blog is so incredibly inspiring. I am so happy for these fuzzy kids to have such a loving home (and phenomenal photographer mama!) What a lovely thing to get to do what you love, do it so well, and make others happy...Reading your blog makes me feel all warm and fuzzy and motivates me to keep following my calling! And also to decorate and make lots of crafts. ;)

you should enter that photo of your cat with the window reflection in a contest of some sort. Awesome.

from appreciative perpetual pouch purchaser Jess :)

Julie said...

Thank you ladies :)

Thanks for the picture love! Not bad for a outdated camera and no photoshop.