Tidbits from home.. Christmas edition

Life is hectic. My little shop is keeping me super busy. And when I do take a moment to just sort of breathe, I prefer to do it next to my Mr.Wonderful. Between the cold ( they started to salt the roads today!) and baking ( had to do a test run, a new cookie going with us to San Diego) I managed to make our little den festive, and a nice place to hang out.

I purchased the wreath on Etsy, from this seller here, and I am super-duper in love with it!
I have been on the hunt for vintage ornaments for a while now, and have somehow managed to get a pretty big bag full of them, so I will be all set for next year!
I want traditional/kitschy decor in the den ( pictured above) and brighter colors in the main livingroom or what will be the collection room ( work in progress ).

And now, our 2011 tree.

( lost source.. sorry!)

This tree was my inspiration. But since it was not in my budget to go all out, I used what I already had, and just purchased a few more things. Maybe someday, my tree will look just as nice! I took pictures from begining to end, but will only post a few, just so you get the idea of where I strted, and where I ended up.

New additions where those big candy canes, and swirly ornaments ( Target ), glitter snowflakes ( WalMart ) glittery picks, like for wreaths and such ( JoAnn's ) and finally some lime green and turquoise glass ornaments, that I kept on the upper part of the tree, away from the 6 kids ( Michaels ). The only thing I purchased at full price ( which was less the 3.00) where the WalMart snowflakes, everything else was at 60% - 75% off , which was the best part of all.

I have been looking into foam props to add to the tree for next year, but they are crazy expensive, so I will have to make my own. I want some gift boxes, and maybe some gingerbread men. well, I have another 10 months to work on that. For now, this is our very first official Christmas tree, in our very own house ( with a red glittery tree skirt, and a huge train underneath it --- have not taken another picture), and I think I did not do such a bad job of it.

Now, I have to go back to work, so ttyl ( with a picture of my sewing room tree.. eek!)


kelly said...

Wow! Julie - That's beautiful!
Nice job :)

I'm so happy for you guys, FINALLY having the dream xmas you've been waiting for (in YOUR house)...

p.s. Wait, is that one group of nutcrackers near the fireplace and then ANOTHER group on the shelves?? holy crap, that's a lot of nutcrackers!

Erika Mulvenna said...

That is an absolutely awesome tree! I love your collection of vintage ornaments, and they all look great together. I have to admit it makes me a little sad as I miss my white tree full of my own colorful vintage ornaments. But, my husband would rather have a real tree, and between my tot and our crazy cat I would rather save those vintage beauties for another Christmas.

Becky J. said...

i love the tree---- ours is a mix of whatever ornaments are around. maybe i need to start something a bit more organized and themed.

kat said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE your Christmas tree! We have yet to get our tree up..yikes! I feel Christmas breathing down my neck! heh. Have a great one..as they say in Hawaii : MELE KALIKIMAKA (merry christmas) kat

Julie said...

Thank you ladies!

I almost did not set up the tree, since we are spending xmas in California, but how could I not do this, being our first holiday season as homeowners?

My cats have been swatting at the ornaments, but 90% of them are plastic. And the fact that I give them the evil eye, seems to keep them (and Mele) away from it.

In my defense, I want to state that I have only purchased about 4 nutrcrackers, since moving to Oregon (5 + years now) and all of those where purchased, when I was single, and mortagage free.. which is really sad, now that I think about it.